Break Escape – Christmas Cheer Challenge

Break Escape – Christmas Cheer Challenge
Location: Loughborough
Game Date: 21/01/2020
Team: Amy & Ian


“Santa’s behind on his deliveries and needs more Christmas Spirit to power his sleigh. You as elves in his workshop must find the secret formula for Christmas Spirit and find as much Christmas Cheer as you can before the clock strikes 12 midnight!
Can you and your team make the Christmas Spirit in time to spur Santa on, and gather as much Christmas cheer as you can before your time runs out?!”

Christmas Cheer looked beautiful and oh so festive, with amazing attention to detail that was more than some permanent escape rooms we have played, decorated with everything festive, yet not so much that it affected the game. Delightful and charming.
A festive, yet non-intrusive soundtrack complimented the room perfectly.
The room was spacious, well lit and we never had any problems in that respect.

Game Play:
A game that is linear for the start and then when the main goal is achieved, all hell breaks loose into an open game with a staggering amount of puzzles to solve! Word, Observation, Searching, Maths, Physical, Logic, Critical Thinking, Team Work. EVERY single puzzle type was covered, there is something for everyone in this room.
The puzzles in this game really shone, with each and every one of them being on theme, and most of all fun. A lovely thing was that the puzzles, whilst some were well known puzzle types they all had twists and turns which made the puzzle more interesting.
This game exudes fun at every turn, the main game is achievable and will leave most teams with at least some time to try the extra puzzles.
The puzzles were perfectly balanced and all perfectly logical, with wonderful ah-ha moments that came thick and fast.
Flow was exceptional, in the first stage of the game it was smooth and steady and then it got fast, frenetic and fun!
Signposting was excellent always leading us to the right puzzle or padlock.
A great game, that is pitched perfectly to make a challenging game for any level of player.
Clue System:
Clues were delivered via Tinsel the Elf.

Game Host:
Jak and Tom were our game hosts, hilarious as ever they ran our game brilliantly and delivered excellent hints and nudges throughout the hour.

Did we escape?
Yes, and we completed each of the bonus puzzles

Website: https://www.breakescape.co.uk
2 Players £50
3 Players £57
4 Players £76
5 Players £90
6 Players £96

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