Cryptology – Daylight Robbery

Cryptology – Daylight Robbery
Location: Nottingham
Game Date: 23/08/2020
Team: Amy & Ian


“The plan is simple: one hour, your elite team of criminals, and an impenetrable vault. Get in, steal what you can, and get out. Oh, and don’t forget the diamond else you’re dead, alright?

There will be lasers to dodge. There will be security systems to hack. And there will be vault doors to blow to itty pieces.

Almost everything you grab will be yours to keep and will help get you far away from the heat, but whatever you do, you must get the Daylight Diamond. Without the Diamond, the big boss won’t be happy and that means you won’t be living. There’s no point being dead millionaires.

This is the final score, a flawless heist, a curtain call. Are you ready to steal from right under their noses? This is unabashed Daylight Robbery.”

Daylight Robbery started off in a very nicely decorated “office” space, think more executive than anything else, this was definitely the office of a high flying businessman! Upon entering the bank through an impressive laser maze we were off into the main space, perfectly in theme for the vault it had a plethora of things to look at, doors to open and things to play with and explore.
The theming was excellent, with nothing being out of place, and no red-herrings whatsoever. For the entire hour, it really felt that we were looting the vault, immersion was great!
The space was large, and once in the main vault, there was more than enough room for a team of 8. Lighting was excellent and never impacted on gameplay.
Overall a fantastic take on the “bank vault” set and very realistic.

Game Play:
Daylight Robbery is a game of 2 halves, 1 is to infiltrate the bank, and steal the daylight diamond and the other is to LOOT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.
Genius in its game design, this ensures that every team gets as much time puzzling as possible, and boy is it puzzle paradise, there are physically more in this room than is possible to complete, and that is intrinsic to its design.
Puzzles ranged the whole gambit, from maths to logic, word, searching, observation, team-work, physical… the list was endless, and what a joy it was!
The open nature of the game was fantastic, as it meant we could really bounce from puzzle to puzzle, leaving us free to forget about a puzzle should it perplex us and then come back to it later on. Again, brilliant design.
The open game means that even with a max of 8 players there will always be something for them to do, a game that truly involves every player is unique!
The puzzles themselves were all perfectly in theme, ingenious and joyous to solve. The ah-ha moments came thick and fast. It really was a frantic hour of puzzle-solving joy! An enthusiast’s dream.
Signposting throughout the room was sublime, with clear logic that signposted perfectly through the game, but nothing too direct.
Flow was fast-paced, and non-stop, a game that really pushes you forward and demands solid puzzle solving.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room

Game Host:
Mark was our game host, he delivered a fantastic brief, and excellently timed clues throughout!

Covid Safety:
Masks were worn at all times whilst on site, including whilst playing the room. The room and foyer were clean and social distancing was observed at all times.

Did we escape?
Yes, with a couple of minutes to spare and £1,000,000 richer!

Website: https://cryptologyrooms.co.uk/nottingham/
2 Players £45
3 Players £60
4 Players £76
5 Players £90
6 Players £102
7 Players £117
8 Players £120


2 Players £52
3 Players £72
4 Players £88
5 Players £105
6 Players £120
7 Players £133
8 Players £144

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