Unescapable – Alan

Unescapable – Alan
Location: Derby
Game Date: 28/10/2020
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 minutes


“Alan was always someone we could rely on, he’d be at work super early every shift, was always happy to stay late if we needed him to, and if you could look past his obsession with pirates then he seemed like a very normal guy. Unfortunately, he’s not turned up for work two days in a row and he isn’t returning our calls, and we suspect he’s responsible for a very important manual going missing. We think it’s our duty as responsible employers to do something …so we want to ask you for a favour”

Alan started out in a room that I was not expecting! When you think about “pirate” rooms, you immediately think of being on a pirate ship (which seems to be the trend for escape rooms!) Alan bucks that trend by starting the game off in a brightly lit bedroom, albeit heavily pirate themed! This was a unique surprise and was refreshing in how different it was! Once through the portal Alan became more of a standard pirate escape room, still decorated to a very high standard.
Alan incoprorates an amount of crawling and climbing, although it isn’t necessary for all team members to participate in the more physical aspects of Alan.
The space is large, but split down into small sections, there would be no problem in the most part for the maxium team size.
Alan, on the ship is DARK, in fact…. it’s pitch black. Torches are provided, but it does get a bit tedious having to carry a torch everywhere, especially trying to undo locks one handed!
Alan is a very pretty game, and it’s a shame to not be able to appreciate the wonderful set build in the 2nd part of the game due to the dark lighting!

Game Play:
Alan  is a fairly linear game, with a couple of open moments, with plenty of puzzles to suit all minsets. Word, logic, sensory, observations, teamwork, aural. The selection was excellent. An interesting thing we noticed in Alan, is that it played very much like the rooms from Stuck in the Riddle in Huddersfield, this is because Unescapeable is now their sister company. If you like the games at SiTR you will enjoy Alan.
Puzzles were all well in theme, especially for each of the respective area. Each puzzle had excellent logic, with nice ah-ha moments.
Signposting was in place when needed but some of the times connections were left to be made completly by the players.
Flow was lovely,  with no sticking places. Not a massively fast paced game, but one that steadily kept pace.
A good game that will please both enthusiasts and newbies. Although there is a lot to do so bring your A game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie

Game Host:
Katey was our game host and she was excellent, delivering a good breif and saftey speil, and excellent clues through the game.

Covid19 Safety:
We felt safe at Unescapeable, the rooms were clean and we never ran into another group whilst in the building

Did we escape?
Yes, in 51 minutes

2 Players £50
3 Players £60
4 Players £80
5 Players £100
6 Players £114

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