ClueHQ – The Legend of Miyalock

ClueHQ – The Legend of Miyalock
Location: Birmingham
Game Date: 28/10/2020
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 minutes


“The Legend of Miyalock tells of a treasure hidden deep within a mountain, shrouded in magic and mystery and guarded by the spirit of the dragon – Malaki. Long ago, Malaki sought to destroy this world but a young girl named Miya used her magic to entrap the dragon within the mountain. Thousands of years later, the Collective League of United Explorers (C.L.U.E.) has finally stumbled upon the hiding place of this legendary treasure – but they may have unearthed something much more dangerous. Retrieve Miya’s wand, master the magic of the past and join the fight to defeat Malaki once and for all to claim the treasure of Miyalock for yourselves.”

Wow, what can I say, Miyalock is visual & auditory delight. High production values make this immersive experience a true journey, with a climactic ending that reminded me a lot of Posiden’s Fury at Islands of adventure in Islands of Adventure
Miyalock is fully interactive, whilst still having ClueHQs branding it feels like a much more real experience, and it fully fuses set, story and world building to create a whole multi sensory adventure with an epic ending. This room is just captivating and surpasses every other ClueHQ game we’ve played, they’ve really out done themselves with this gem of an experience.

The set was immaculatly decorated and the sense of exploration and discovery along the way was wonderful. The space is more than large enough for 7 players. Lighting was never a problem, it only served to futher the immersion throughout our journey.

A beautiful room with high production values.

Game Play:
A game that  mixes linear and open game play very well, with an incredible amount to do an a great mix of puzzles. Logic, word, math, aural, visual, teamwork, observation, searching, physical… every base was covered (which is quite normal for ClueHQ)
Now, I don’t tend to mention padlocks/no padlocks often in reviews, as the method of how things are “locked” really doesn’t matter that much, puzzles are king! But, ClueHQ are renowened for their use of padlocks, their games are very padlock heavy… normally. Miyalock completely bucks that trend, giving us a room that was seemingly powered by magic, there were a couple of padlocks, and absoloutely no number locks!
Miyalock is about the journey and story though and this was told through the puzzles you solve throughout the game, culminating in a epic battle of good and evil.
Puzzles were elegant, logical, clever and completely solveable in their own right, with wonderful ah-ha moments that didn’t seem to stop at all throughout the game.
The signposting was intrinsic to the game, to the point where it felt that just be exploring the world you are in the game points you in the right direction and gently sees you through the puzzles.
The flow was fast paced and energetic, this being helped by the heavy story-telling and interactivity with the story in the room.
An absoloute masterpiece of a room. A MUST BOOK regardless of team size of experience, it’s a wonderful experience.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Stuart was our host (and also the owner of ClueHQ) and it was wonderful to see him again, we could have chatted all night long! He delivered a great saftey brief and clued us well through the room (considering it was a preview and essentially he was learning the rooms timings!)

Covid19 Safety:
We felt extremely safe at ClueHQ, there was handsanitizer at every turn, and we were required to use it before going into the room, the room was spotless and all government guidelines were followed to the letter

Did we escape?
Yes, it was a preview game so we were allowed the grace of a couple of minutes to counteract any techinical hitches

2 Players £50
3 Players £75
4 Players £80
5 Players £100
6 Players £108
7 Players £126

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