Product Review – The Detective Society.

Product Review – The Detective Society.


We were very excited when we recieved our “Detective Society” package in the mail, created by one of the brains behind “Time Run” (one of the very best escape rooms we’ve played, and sadly missed) We knew we were going to be getting an immersive and well designed product.


The Detective Agency arrives, fairly inconspicously in a glossy box, not letting on to the contents within. Once opened the contents are produced to a high standard, and give little away at first glance. It is only when you start to really deep dive into the game that everything makes sense.


The case we started on was “The Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee” As The Detective Society is episodic, we only played the 1st chapter. I will preface this by saying that if you’re looking for a game that is cut/paste/done and has plenty of closure, you will not find it in 1 episode from The Dective Society, they are designed to leave cliffhangers and increase your appetite for the next episode! (which they do with gusto)

The game delves into a strange case of a man who is in a coma, and it’s up to the player to work out what happened. The game is incredibly interactive and immersive, with plenty of contact through e-mail, phone and the web (although you’ll never have to search outside the game)
The game is skillfully designed to deliver just the right amount of information needed at any one time, and the balance between detective work and puzzling was good, if not a little more on the detective work side. The flow of the detective work was a little stop start, and we sometimes had all the information needed but no idea how to apply it to the case, as the signposting was incredibly subtle (which is in keeping with the “detective” nature of the game)

All things considered, The Detective Agency is a good game if you prefer more of an immersive journey fulled by a more real world, investiative type game. It is by no means a pure puzzle game, but it is a lot of fun and if you want to invest into the whole season, I’m sure it will be a wild ride!
The game also comes with a collectible pin, which is always a fab bonus, and a lovely memento.

You can purchase The Detective Society here 
Prices start from £30

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