Escapologic – Immaterium (Online)

Escapologic (in association with Games Workshop) – Immaterium
Game Type: Online Avatar Hosted
Location: Nottingham
Game Date: 27/04/2021
Team: Amy, Ian,
Duration: 60 Minutes

(We have previously played immaterium in person, this review is a reflection of the online game. A lot of things are very similar to the online game, and since it was a recent play (October 2020) I have copied some text from the original review, only where deemed appropriate)



“Passengers on pilgrimage aboard a trader ship, Evadere The Tempestas, on course to holy Terra. Pilgrims have been escorted to their quarters deep within the bowels of the vessel, upon entering they are told the ship will soon translate into the warp and the journey will begin. The ship stirs into life, players hear a distant rumble and feel a faint vibration as the engines wake. As the warp jump is made, the warp core and several ship systems fail, causing massive damage to the craft. Players have no choice but to leave and find out what has happened or risk being trapped in the crew quarters while the ship is slowly torn apart. Here the real journey begins… battle through the Warp Storm and escape the ever seeping Chaos.

Created in conjunction with Games Workshop, Immaterium is a simultaneous cooperative team experience. For the first time ever, players will be able to jump into the world of Warhammer 40,000 and experience its myriad dangers for real. They will touch, smell and feel all areas of the ship and everything on it – including a talking Servitor. Up to five people at a time can immerse themselves in Immaterium, and explore the deepest recesses of a star-faring vessel facing imminent doom.”

It’s not hard to be impressed with the set of Immaterium. From the moment you see the spaceship through the camera you are transported to another world, an nalmost film noir, gritty and familiar, yet strange territory on board Evadere The Tempestas. Such an immersive, 360 and completely realised space.
The attention to detail was phenomenal, even as someone with no Warhammer knowledge, the set was BEAUTIFUL, decorated to perfection and whoelly immersive and encompassing. With stunning set detail, you could spend the entire hour gawking at the set, especially if you’re a warhammer fan (Escapologic even went as far as perfectly colour matching the paints in the room to actual warhammer colours)
A fantastic set that uses the space incredibly well to give a sense of being on a much bigger craft.

It’s clear that Escapologic have put HOURS of effort into making this the best and most faithfull representation of warhammer they could have, and the room being produced with Games Workshop, they haven’t missed a beat, what a remarkable room!

Game Play:
A linear game, that focused much more on the experience than tough puzzling, that being said, the experience was FANTASTIC a fast paced game that delivered on exploration, with hands on task based events which saw you doing everything you would have to do on a failing spaceship. This translated well through the avatar, who would do explicitly as we asked!
The tasks were immersive, fun and most amazingly of all, there was not a word of english used within the room, this is a totally language free room, and its so clever in its design as there some great communication, physical and even a couple of mental elements thrown in all without the use of language, excellent game design. The split between the physical space and online support (through telescape) fits well with the theme and encourages teamwork, not only between team-mates but with the avatar too!
With a spectacular ending, Immaterium is one of those games that just hits on everything. Whilst not puzzle focused, it creates an immersive world where the tasks and puzzles (there are more than enough, beautifully in theme) co-exsist to create a perfect journey through the space ship.
The puzzles within the room are all excellent in their logic, and so perfectly in theme that it is almost intrinsic to know what to do, and the ah-ha moments came thick and fast.
Signposting in the room is exemplary, with the lack of language this is an amazing feat. The game guides you without handing you anything on a silver platter or making it too easy.
The flow was snappy and fast paced, with so much energy this is a room that moves!
All in all, a fantastic game that fosters team work and creates a believeable, immersive experience!

Clue System:
Clues were subtly driven by our game host

Game Host:
Will and Stever were our hosts, and they ran the game really well, they were friendly, responsive and took our direction through the room with good spirit and enthusiasm

Connection was good, we didn’t experience any problems during the game. The video quality is good, but deliberatly a little shaky to simulate being onboard a moving spaceship. This was not enough to make you feel motion sick, just enough to give another layer of immersion to the game.

Did we escape?
Yes, in around 40 minutes

Website: https://www.escapologic.com/
2/3 connections £60
4 connections £70
5 connections £80

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