Online Escape Games Ireland – Spirit Seekers

Game Type: Online Digital
Location: Online
Team: Amy, Ian
Duration: 60 – 90 Minutes


“You are joining paranormal investigators, “Spirit Seekers Ireland”, on their investigation of the Clare Abbey ruins in County Clare, Ireland.  Your team must capture at least 4 pieces of hard evidence of paranormal activity and get this evidence to Professor O’Connor of Trinity College Dublin.  It is of vital important to make this a successful mission.

You will be visiting the real Clare Abbey ruins via virtual 360 views!”

Spirit Seekers uses good old Telescape for its gameplay, this has been developed for the online escape room market and Online Escape Rooms Ireland uses telescape to its fullest, making use of full audio and visual moments throughout the game. The story telling was lovely, and through the game and puzzles we learnt about this lovely ruined Abbey that we would never have known exsisted if it were not for the game!
Spirit Seekers is set in Clare Abbey, as mentioned above, and it really adds to the atmosphere and immersion knowing that you’re playing a game in what is a real life place.
The video, audio and photography standards were good, clear and easy to navigate (along with navigation arrows there is a master map to where you can fast travel to all locations within the game)

Overall, Spirit Seekers is immersive (as a digital game can be) and easy to navigate, play and easily clickable. It is a slick game that is quite intrinsic, and user friendly.

Game Play:
A fairly open game, where the idea is to collect 4 pieces of “evidence” of a paranormal nature, and this is found through a series of really fun, unique and interesting puzzles.
Puzzles were a good mix, with logic, aural, word, searching, team work and even some “physical” puzzles.
Logic within the puzzles was good, there were a couple of confusing moments where some elements matched other aspects of different puzzles, but with a little bit of work and deduction (and once we had all the pieces) it became clear what belonged there.
Ah-ha moments came with each puzzle, and were quite delightful fun and completley in theme, with small moments of spooky whimsy weaved into the gameplay.
The gameplay within telescape really aided the player, with items needed within puzzles magically appearing in the correct places to be used, very handy!
The flow was good, not flat out, a more meandering game that encourages exploration and discovery.
Signposting was good, with just enough to guide the player without any hand-holding.

Clue System:
Clues were available at the click of a button

Did we escape?
Yes! We completed our mission, in just over an hour

Website: https://www.onlineescaperoomsireland.com/ssi-e1
Price: €24.00 per game (1-6 players) (approx £20)

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