Lockdown Ormskirk – The Institution

Lockdown Ormskirk – The Institution
Location:  Ormskirk
Game Date: 24/05/2021
Team: Amy, Ian, Gord & L:iz
Duration: 60 Minutes


“For many years, the Institution has been rumored to be conducting unethical human experimentation. You are now in the control of The Doctor. He knows your weaknesses, he knows how to stop you escaping, but are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?”

The Institution looked great, as we’d come to expect from Lockdown. Their attention to detail is delightful and gives a good sense of immersion to the room. There was just the right amount of decor to create that immersion, whilst not being distracting or construed as red-herrings (as there were none)
The rooms at Lockdown are not huge (as reflected by the max of 4 players) yet there is still a good sense of discovery through the room.
Lighting was never a problem.

Game Play:
A fairly open game that had a good selection of puzzles, physical, teamwork, logic, observation, word, math… the range of puzzles was well thought out and eclectic.
The puzzles were all generally in theme, and good in their logic. The ah-ha moments were decent, yet not outright.
One puzzle, that was a massive time-sink for us (we spent 15 minutes on it) can’t be ignored, normally I don’t mind time-sink puzzles so much if they’re creative and fun, but this was downright frustrating, to the point where we ALL tried, we all got frustrated and there wasn’t a work around on the game hosts side (I can’t imagine sitting watching people try, and fail at the same specific point again and again) Eventually we managed it (it was a puzzle we have come across many times before and collectivly had never struggled so much before!)
HOWEVER, a lot can be said about the way a host deals with any issues, and the owner of Lockdown was more than accomodating and actively listened to our grumblings, and feedback. Hopefully this aspect will get tweaked and fixed in the future. I’m confident it will.
The flow of the game, unfortunatly was impacted by that one puzzle, before that we were steaming along, and when that puzzle hit it was like we hit a brick wall. Sapping the energy from the game. Otherwise it was slick.
Signpositng was excellent, in theme yet subtle.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Our game host (ans also the owner) ran our game well, he was friendly, professional and very enthusiastic about escaping!

Covid19 Safety:
All guidelines were adhered to, masks were worn at all times, hosts stayed soically distanced and the rooms were clean.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 40 minutes

Website: https://lockdownormskirk.co.uk
2 Players £38
3 Players £51
4 Players £60

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