Enigma Rooms Hull – Impact

Enigma Rooms Hull – Impact
Location: Hull
Game Date: 05/08/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes

“14 years into a 60 year mission to charter the outer limits of the galaxy. You and your crew have very little time and limited resources to save not just the ship, but also your lives. What will you do when you’re running out of the one thing you can’t live without?”

Wow, and I mean WOW! There was something incredibly special about the set design of Impact. The attention to detail (down to the screws) and slick finish made this one of the best decorated space-ship games we have ever played. Cleanly decorated, with no fuss, but all the pizzazz and plenty of character, it really had that “je ne se quais” that makes a special escape room.
We spent a lot of time just admiring the set in this beautiful room. From the techy screens, to the finely milled covings on the sleep pods, this room was just gorgeous.
Immersion was excellent, with the room having a great ambient soundtrack that added to the game and only served to make the room even more believable.

The room was suitably large for the maximum of 6 players, and lighting was perfect, not bright but atmospherically lit. There is a small amount of crawling, but this is able to be bypassed/not done by people with serious mobility issues, yet they can still (and will need to) participate to complete the task in another way!

The ending to impact is worth mentioning, and is super, super fun!

Game Play:
A completely open game, that had a wild variety of puzzles, logic, word, math, skill, dexterity, physical, observation. The puzzles in the game are all intrinsically linked to the story and really come from within the room itself, making this as much of an immersive mission as a puzzle solving spectacular.
The puzzles do not feel like they are tacked on, they feel like real, legit tasks you’re having to do to repair the space ship, furthering the narrative and immersion.
The puzzles were exceptional in their logic, and whilst this game takes a little time to learn how the spaceship initially “works” once you master that aspect, it is an incredibly fair and exciting game.
The ah-ha moments didn’t stop, from the moment we solved our first puzzle they just kept coming, and coming!
Each and every puzzle was a joy to solve (even the ones I personally struggled with *maths based, obv*) even through those struggles I could see the logic clearly, that’s how excellent the puzzles in the game were.
The flow was super, fast paced, energetic and engaging.
Signposting was exemplary without being instructional or overwhelming.
Overall this is a BIG room with a lot to do, and will be challenging and satisfying to any size or ability of team.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered by the “friendly” AI Randi.

Game Host:
Nick was out game host (and owner of Enigma Hull) and he was great fun as always, delivering a tailor made brief and spot on clues throughout the game.

Covid19 Safety:
Everywhere was clean and there was hand sanitizer available. Masks were not required in the rooms.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 55 minutes

Website: https://enigmarooms.co.uk/escape-rooms-hull/impact-escape-room/
2 Players £40
3 Players £45
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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