Beverley Breakout – The Great Toy Rescue 

Beverley Breakout – The Great Toy Rescue
Location: Beverly
Game Date: 06/08/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes
Special: Variable Difficulty


“You have been called upon by a familiar group of toys…you find yourself back at the old playroom, everything seems untouched. As you enter, the door shuts behind you, was that someone making sure you couldn’t get out?? An old arch enemy perhaps?!!

As you enter this world of child’s play, can you use your logic and skill to beat the puzzles set by the missing toy’s captor?? Your mission if you choose to accept it, work out who is missing…rescue the correct toy…and get out before you are also left behind…”

The great toy rescue, looked great, with a cleanly decorated set that had just the right amount of theme to create a suitably immersive atmosphere, but without putting too much clutter in the room (which could have been easy, given the theme)
The room was large, bright and airy and had a charming feel, just a lovely space to spend an hour in.
You’ll find a few familiar faces in the game, and the props and set were all finished to a high standard.
A lovely room which was charming, and nostalgic, we felt like big kids the entire time!

Game Play:
An open game that had a good mix of puzzles: Logic, Observation, Searching, Word, Skill and Physical. If anything it leaned more towards the word and logic puzzles (Which I personally enjoyed immensely, such is my skill-set!) but this didn’t mean there wasn’t a wealth of other puzzles to seek out and conquer!
The puzzles were all completely intrinsic to the room, yet unique and immersive. The puzzles in this room could have gone down a very formulaic and trite route, but they didn’t, the methods and solutions to the puzzles were all enjoyable, and put different spins on what we would expect from the ordinary… this room was far from ordinary!
Each and every puzzle was exemplary in it’s logic. With no a hint of ambiguity, and clear concise Ah-ha moments that delighted us at every moment in the game!
The Great Toy Rescue is one of those rooms that leaves the players feeling smart, as the answers aren’t obvious at first, but the logic is SO clear that when you get the puzzle, it is a wonderful, fulfilling feeling!
There was one puzzle, that generally I am not a big fan of, but this was perfectly in theme, executed with a twist and not made just to waste time or as a red-herring, it was fitting, fun and correct in the room.
Signposting was a dream, just enough to set the ball in motion, but nothing to like hand holding.
Flow was exceptional, this is a game that almost plays itself, so smooth and fuss free, a really well designed and honed game.
A PERFECT family game, A perfect first timers and a perfect enthusiast’s game given it’s ability to have differing levels of difficulty. Spot On.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Fran was our game host, and also the owner of Beverley Breakout. Her enthusiasm and passion shine through, a true escape room enthusiast as well as owner! She was friendly, and delivered us perfectly timed hints (we received 2 for search fails as normal!) A gem of a host!

Covid19 Safety:
We wore masks in all common areas and hand sanitizer was available

Did we escape?
Yes, in 40 minutes, topping the leader board!

Website: https://beverleybreakout.co.uk
2 Players £46
3 Players £60
4 Players £66
5 Players £72
6 Players £78

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