Compendium Bury – UI55

Compendium – UI55
Location: Bury
Game Date: 25/05/2021
Team: Amy, Gord & Liz
Duration: 60

A German U-Boat named UI-55 was found in the River Thames, Have you and your team got what it takes to sneak aboard and retrieve all of Britain’s wealth.

UI55 is A HUGE space, really massive so it’s definitely big enough for the max team size, we felt like we were rattling round the space it was so big!

Compendium, as we’d come to expect have done a great job with themeing UI55, with great attention to detail, the whole set feels right, and is immersive as can be (although I think that to be on a sub as big as UI55 would be a luxury!) A very impressive set, with loads to look at, discover and play with.

As I said, the space is huge, and the lighting was perfectly atmospheric yet never impeded the game.

Game Play:
A completely open game that if I were to list every single puzzle type, I’d be here till next year, but safe to say, they literally covered Every. Single. Puzzle. Type.
This is a testament to their game design, to create so many different puzzles that range from super simple to excruciatingly tricky, but still keep a level of accessibility to all teams is very clever.
The puzzles are all beautifully in theme, and considering the amount of puzzles all fit intrinsically into the room.
There is a mechanic in the game that, luckily for us wasn’t working when we played, this worked our really well as it would have took out focus off the puzzle solving had it been working so it was certainly a bonus and helped our gameplay!
The goal of UI55 is not only to escape but collect as much loot on the way as possible, this gives the game an added pressure, which is a clever way to guarantee that every team will use their full hour, excellent in terms of value for money!
The puzzles were excellent in their logic, and all solutions were clear, with no ambiguity, any of the puzzles we didn’t complete were down to our own misgivings!
All the puzzles were enjoyable, with fantastic ah-ha moments and there were many times where we would catch the end of a puzzle someone else had started and still get those great moments.
Flow was frantic and pressured and there was an excellent pacing moment during the game that forces the players to slow down and take a minute or two breather. Much needed in such a busy game.
Signposting was excellent, subtle yet guiding and well placed.
Overall a great game, that whilst it might blow a newbies mind, it is for sure an enthusiasts puzzle paradise. A whole hour of pure puzzling joy. Incredible.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room.

Game Host:
Alex was our game host, and his passion shines through in his hosting and games. He ran our game well, giving us a good solid brief before we went into the room and an in-depth debrief afterwards. Excellent hosting.
Covid19 Safety:

Masks were worn at all times, the room was spotlessly clean, and there was hand sanitizer a plenty!
Did we escape?

Yes, with 50 bags of loot too!
Website: https://www.compendiumbury.co.uk/our-rooms
2 Players £39
3 Players £55
4 Players £70
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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