Trapp’d – End of the Line

Trapp’d – End of the Line
Location: Northampton
Game Date: 05/09/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 minutes


“As the sun slowly begins to vanish behind the mountains, it was the perfect cloudless Summers night. The perfect night to execute the perfect heist. The heist to top them all. Seven months of assembling the finest team of criminal masterminds. 213 days of meticulous planning and precision detailing. Nothing has been left to chance. Every laborious angle has been covered.

You’ve received the signal from the gaffa, “it’s on”. Tonight is the night that will change your lives forever. You convince yourself that nothing can go wrong, providing everyone sticks to the plan. You’ve got nine successful heists under your belt now so you are confident that number ten should run just as smoothly. The only difference being, this is the largest robbery of all time and it is onboard a 120 mile per hour moving steam train.

The brief is exquisite in it’s simplicity. Hijack the train at Maricopa Station and bring to a halt whilst going through the ten mile stretch at Ropers tunnel.

Every member of the crew, has a vital role to play. One tiny error and it could all go drastically wrong. Destiny is in your hands tonight. You will either be living out the rest of your days in luxury, as millionaires…or you will be rotting away in Maine State Prison. Tonight is your time to shine and prove your worth.

Can you make the history books and pull off the greatest train robbery of all time?”

End of the Line looked good, with a good amount of attention to detail, but with nothing that could be misconstrued as red-herrings or distractions. The room was finished well, and created a good amount of Immersion with a sense of discovery along the way in the room.

The room was not huge (as we have come to expect from Trapp’d!) But it was plenty large enough for a team of 6. Lighting was atmospheric and never caused any problem.

Game Play:

A linear game that consisted of logic, word, observation, searching aural and physical puzzles
Puzzles were nicely in theme and had nice ah-ha moments and were enjoyable to solve, with fairly clear logic and no ambiguity.
Signposting was sometimes a little lacking, especially in the first part of the game. A little for direction would have made the game smoother and a little less frustrating.
Flow was good, with the game gaining pace and tension ramping up to the big ending

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a voice over in the room

Game Host:
Our host Lizzy was amazing, so dedicated, yet chatty and enthusiastic. She delivered a fantastic brief and story, and gave us well timed clues when needed.

Did we escape?
Yes! In about 40 minutes

Website: https://trappd.com
Off Peak – Tuesday – Thursday before 6pm
2 Players – £40
3 Players – £50
4 Players – £60
5 Players – £70
6 Players – £80

Peak – Tuesday – Thursday after 6pm and weekends
2 Players – £50
3 Players – £60
4 Players – £70
5 Players – £80
6 Players – £90

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