Trapp’d – The Lost Temple of Yumiko

Trapp’d – The Lost Temple of Yumiko
Location: Northampton
Game Date: 05/09/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 minutes


“Legend has it that within an ancient temple, nestled deep within the Shei-Ling Jungle lays the body of Yumiko, an Empress of mysterious power who ruled thousands of years ago. Urban myths whisper of a powerful relic that was buried alongside her well-preserved corpse that grants eternal life to all those who behold this ancient secret. Many brave explorers have sought the relic, but none have lived to tell the tale. You have made it your life’s work to unlock the enigma of the tomb and look upon the empress with your own eyes and are confident that you and your team will succeed where so many have failed.

Cursing furiously under your breath as you swat away another mosquito, you’ve been trekking for what feels like a lifetime through the unforgiving jungle. Your feet getting heavier with every step, sweat dripping from your face to the ground below…but then you look up from your weathered map to the jagged rock edges that have haunted your dreams for many years.

Stopping dead in your tracks you hear the cries of euphoria echoing through the trees, “Over here!”, “We found it!” Hidden behind a web of vines is the magnificent tomb door inscribed with ancient symbols you have seen and studied for many sleepless nights. You have finally found the lost temple of Yumiko.

Knowing all too well you must approach with caution having read of the notorious deadly traps to keep people out, you look around at the littered bones of those that have come before you, the unworthy. The team huddles one more time before daylight starts to fade. The plan is simple, locate the relic and get the hell out of there because the is a reason no-one has ever made it out alive.

Are you willing to risk your own life for a chance at eternal life?”

A well decorated room that had a fair sense of immersion, with a distinct feeling of the aztec zone! A spacious game, with nothing to distract or disarm players, and the room had a good sense of exploration and fun.

The game was more than large enough for the max team size, and lighting was never an issue.

Game Play:
A linear game that focused more on the physical aspects of puzzling, but threw in some very nice logic, decoding and teamwork puzzles too.
The puzzles and challenges were all wonderfully on theme, and felt fairly like they had come from the room itself, presented well in a way that you were taking on the challenged Yumiko had set.
The puzzles had nice ah-ha moments and fair logic, that led to good solves and satisfying conclusions.
Flow was good, with the game moving steadily onwards until the last, mega long and time consuming puzzle. This did slow the pace of the game down, but the puzzle itself was excellent.
Signposting was subtle, yet well placed and savvy players will pick up on this throughout the game.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a voice over in the room

Game Host:
Rhiannon was our game host, ably assisted by Lizzy, Rhiannon was training at the time and she did very well, giving us a good brief and well timed clues when needed

Did we escape?
Yes, in around 35 minutes!

Website: https://trappd.com
Off Peak – Tuesday – Thursday before 6pm
2 Players – £40
3 Players – £50
4 Players – £60
5 Players – £70
6 Players – £80

Peak – Tuesday – Thursday after 6pm and weekends
2 Players – £50
3 Players – £60
4 Players – £70
5 Players – £80
6 Players – £90

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