Want To Escape – Teacher’s Revenge

Want To Escape – Teacher’s Revenge
Location: Rushden
Game Date: 05/09/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 minutes


“It’s been tough for pupils, it’s been tough for parents – well now the teacher’s can get their revenge with:

“The School of Hard Locks – Teacher’s Revenge”.

This is a school-room with a difference…it’s all a set up! Not that you knew that when you turned up for little Timmy’s parents evening. Just a normal 10 minute chat about how he was getting on. Oh how wrong you can be – what has the teacher done? Add crafty, clever and amusing puzzles with a little revenge and what do you get? An hour of FUN! But can you find Timmy’s report yourself or will the teacher win?”

Teacher’s Revenge looked great, and brought back so many memories of primary school, and the bright, informative classrooms of the ahem80and90s. Well decorated, with out being overloaded with information (as would be too easy to do in a class room theme) there was nothing in the game that wasn’t used in some way or other.
The theming was excellent and really immersed us into the game and took us back to our childhood!

The room was spacious, with more than enough room for the max number of players. Lighting was bright airy and never a problem.
There is an element of climbing within the game, but this has a work around if needed (my back was very happy about this!)

A great place to spend an hour in, and a visually stimulating one too! The game was set up well, with a video introduction from Timmy’s teacher, which really set the tone of the game, which was light-hearted and fun!

Game Play:
An open game that compromised of Word, Logic, Math, Communication, Observation, Skill, Physical, Teamwork, Deduction, Aural and Searching. An excellent mix of puzzles which means that everyone in the team (and especially big teams) will get their chance to shine.
All the puzzles were beautifully on theme, and felt very much part of the room, and even with a game such as this, there was a good sense of discovery throughout.
The puzzles were excellent in their logic, with wonderful ah-ha moments, meta-solving and satisfying conclusions all around. I can’t compliment Want to Escape enough on their skilfully designed puzzles which always have excellent twists, turns and are never ordinary! They always leave you wanting more, and never frustrated!
The physical aspects of the room really added to the challenge, with some skill puzzles being devilish and requiring excellent teamwork skills!
The signposting was perfect, with just enough to guide, but leaving the player to make their own conclusions and journey through the game.
Flow was excellent, a fast paced game that continuously throws puzzles at you for you to (joyfully) solve!
A game that will bring back many memories, delight with its complex puzzling, and satisfy even the most puzzle hungry enthusiast!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
James was our game host (and also owner) and he was fantastic, his passion and enthusiasm comes across in spades, and his brief and clueing were excellent.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 54 minutes!

Website: https://www.wanttoescape.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £60
4 Players £80
5 Players £90
6 Players £108

Players age 8 – 15 are charged at a slighty reduced rate of £15pp

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