Clockwork Escapes – The Legend of Foole’s Gold

Clockwork Escapes – The Legend of Foole’s Gold
Location:  Telford
Game Date:  07/09/2021
Team: Amy & Ian 
Duration: 60 Minutes


“Old Man Foole has died and left behind a wealth of riches,
buried deep in his mine.
The Professor would like you to… acquire some of it.”

A curious story, and one which led us deep into Old Man Foole’s mine, which looked, well fantastic, there was not an inch of the room that was left undecorated, with rough hewn wood, rockwork and even a working mine cart, it was an utter delight! The room itself, as you can imagine a mine to be, was quite dimly lit, but this was wholly for atmosphere and immersion, not to create difficulty, and enough lights are provided so that you can work through the puzzles with no roadblocks.
The room was spacious, and the sense of exploration was fantastic, a room that really thrust you into it’s world to create a cohesive experience.
Immersion was high, and we found ourselves fully immersed from the moment the door opened, to reveal the large reception, until the moment we left. 

Game Play: 
A linear game that had a good array of puzzles that certainly leant to the more observation, logic word and decoding side of things, a very cerebral game, but also add into the mix a heavy search element (you have to collect AS MUCH “gold” as possible) and the added pressure really makes for an impactful, exciting and very busy game!
Puzzles were all perfectly in theme, seeming to really come from the room itself, being instrincly woven into the story and fabric of the game.
The logic within the puzzles was superb, tricky, but still without any ambiguity and this just made those puzzles solves and ah-ha moments all the more sweet when we got to them! The puzzle design was so skilfully crafted, it’s clear The Professor knows what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to escaping!
The game is also scalable for smaller, to bigger teams, so that everyone can experience the game to it’s fullest potential, this is a brilliant touch.
The signposting, whilst incredibly subtle is there, and one of the beautiful things about this game was just figuring out how it worked and how it played!
Flow was excellent, with the game steaming along at such a pace and with SO much to do, if you’re not solving puzzles in Foole’s gold then you seriously need to get a shimmy on.
Overall, this is a brilliant game for enthusiasts, meaty puzzles with that bonus collection element which is sure to please the most hardened teams. I would recommend getting a few games under your belt before challenging this behemoth of a game!

Clue System: 
Clues were delivered via walkie talkie

Game Host: 
The Professor was our host, and whilst in character the whole time, he delivered a brilliant brief, really hyping us up for the room and generous, yet hilarious clues throughout the game.

Did we escape? 
Yes, in 57 minutes!!! With a score of around 14k

Website: https://www.clockworkescapes.co.uk/
2 Players £46
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

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