Escape Brum – The Mystic’s Cabin

Location: Birmingham
Game Date: 13/09/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes

“Many years ago an ancient statuette of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet was stolen from the private collection of Lord Barrington Smyth.
This statue was not only said to be one of his favourite pieces, but was also believed to have great powers, bestowing great fortune upon its owner.
There had been no information regarding the location of the lost statuette, until recently Lord Barrington heard rumours that a statuette matching Bastet’s description is now in the possession of a local Mystic, who lives deep in the National forest.
Lord Barrington needs you to enter the Mystic’s Cabin to locate and retrieve the statuette, and so return it to its rightful owner!
Do you dare to enter the Mystic’s secret domain?!”

A very nicely decorated room, with clean décor and nothing out of place. There was nothing in the room which could be misconstrued as a red herring. The decoration was finished to a high standard, and this continued through the game.
The room was plenty large enough and lighting was excellent throughout.

Game Play:
An open game with a good range of puzzles: searching, word, logic, searching, observation, teamwork and maths.
The puzzles were all nicely on theme, fairly intrinsic to the room and well in keeping with the story.
Logic through the puzzles was clear, and all the puzzles were wholly solvable., with excellent logic and good ah-ha moments, and some trickier moments throughout.
Signposting was good, clear and not too “steering” whilst still subtly pointing us in the right direction through the game.
Flow was good, and the only stalls and slow downs we encountered were due to our own (search) failings.
Overall an enjoyable game, that has some really nice puzzles. A great game for newbies looking to play something a little more complex.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Lee was our game host and was friendly and professional, he delivered a great brief and well timed clues through the game.

Did we escape?
Yes in 48 minutes.

Website: https://www.escapebrum.com/
2 Players £50
3 Players £72
4 Players £92
5 Players £105
6 Players £120

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