Clue Cracker – Diamond Dogs

Clue Cracker – Diamond Dogs
Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells
Game Date: 08/10/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes


“Ever fancied trying your hand at becoming a world class jewellery thief? Well now is your chance! Come and grab your rucksack, chuck on a balaclava and get ready to join Terry T-Bone and his gang of low-lives as you board the getaway van to Wells & Sons Jewellers, home to the famous Montgomery Diamond.

Can you crack the security system, dodge the CCTV, dismantle the vault and escape with the famous Diamond before the the Old Bill turn up?

Choose your gang wisely – one wrong move and the plan will be foiled!”

Onto our next game at Clue Cracker, and judging by what we heard, we were very excited!

Diamond dogs had one of the most fun starts to an escape room we had experienced, riding in the van to get to the Jewellery Shop, immersion was at 100% and we found ourselves getting into character along the way!
This continued with us landing outside the shop, in a back ally, through the shop interior and into the vault. The immersion was tip top at every point, and it never felt forced or tacky. The areas were decorated exceptionally well. Clue Cracker have hit the nail on the head with creating immersion and realism in this game, and we really felt like we were safe-cracking theives for an hour! I can’t praise Clue Cracker enough for their dedicated attention to detail in their games, everything is just right, present and correct for the world they created in Diamond Dogs.

Game Play:
A game that had both story driven linear moments, and swathes of open game-play. A room that is sure to take up the majority of your alloted hour! The game has an extra level on to it that is essentially a exceptionally well done key chase, which, when added on to the end of the game makes for a very tense, high energy and impactful ending.
The main game itself has a wide range of puzzles, word, logic, physical, roleplay, math, searching, observation… There are so many puzzle types that it’s easy to find one to suit every member of your team.
The puzzles were all brilliantly creative, in theme and with wonderful ah-ha moments, the logic was never, ever lacking and there were some brilliant moments where something so innocuous lead to a fantastic reveal, or a meta puzzle. A skilfully designed and well excecuted room.
Signposting was sublime, with multiple levels and fail safes, yet we never felt like the game “held our hand” or was too leading.
Flow was fast-paced, frantic and a lot of fun and all the while exceptionally smooth.
A cleverly designed game with great skill in its design, a great take on the sometimes tired “heist” games, this rankes up there with the best!

Clue System:
Clues were given by walkie talkie

Game Host:
Our host was fantastic (honestly Clue Cracker has the BEST hosts) fun, friendly engaging and on the ball with hint delivery! Perfection.

Did we escape?
Yes, with about 2 minutes to spare and ALL THE LOOT!

Website: https://cluecrackergames.co.uk
2 Players £60
3 Players £84
4 Players £104
5 Players £120
6 Players £132

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